Aga KankanyanBiography

Make-up artist, fashion designer, and stylist Aga Kankanyan is one of the best artists in Armenia, whose name is also widely known in many other countries. She is the founder of “Aga Kankanyan Image Studio.” Aga Kankanyan regularly organizes make-up courses. She has ignited viral trends that have inspired and forever altered the beauty landscape.

Aga Kankanyan – Net Worth

Aga Kankanyan’s net worth is $9 million. In a given year, Aga Kankanyan earns around $450,000 – $600,000 from her various endeavors. The vast majority of Aga Kankanyan’s net worth comes from “Aga Kankanyan Image Studio.”

Aga Kankanyan – History, Real Name, Family

Aga Kankanyan was born and raised in Armenia by her parents. Since 1999, Aga Kankanyan has worked as a make-up artist in various beauty salons. She set a goal that would drive the rest of his career—she would become a professional makeup artist with the dream of one day having her own studio. A few years later, Aga Kankanyan became one of the most recognized make-up artists in Armenia and around the world.

Aga Kankanyan – Profession, About Aga

Aga Kankanyan studied at Atex fashion center as a fashion designer. She was doing makeup for the models. She generously shares the signature techniques that she’s mastered over her career working with celebrities, and magazines.

Aga Kankanyan – Date of Birthday and Location

Aga Kankanyan was born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia. Almost every girl in Armenia wishes to be Aga’s client.