Ellie Goulding Birthdate

Elena Jane Goulding was brought into the world on December 30th of 1986 in Hereford, England. She was then brought up in Lyonshall, a modest community close to her origination. Goulding began to become keen on music at age nine when she figured out how to play the clarinet. At age 14, Ellie Goulding continued on toward the guitar. By 15, the youthful craftsman was keeping in touch with her own tunes. During secondary school, she unexpectedly bombed her A level in Music and passed different subjects.

Subsequent to moving on from auxiliary school, Ellie Goulding went to the University of Kent, where she concentrated on show and theater. In the wake of procuring her certification, she met her future maker and administrator in her last year. Before long a short time later, she started work on her presentation collection.