Rosalía Birthdate

Rosalia Vila I Tobella (conceived 25 September 1992), referred to mononymously as Rosalía is a Spanish vocalist and songwriter.After finding Spanish people music at an early age, Rosalía moved on from Catalonia College of Music with distinction by prudence of her cooperative cover collection with Raül Refree, Los Ángeles (2017), and the baccalaureate project El Mal Querer (2018), which is co-created by El Guincho and reconsiders flamenco by blending it in with pop and metropolitan music. The last option brought forth the single “Malamente”, which grabbed the eye of the Spanish overall population, and was delivered to general basic praise. Beneficiary of the Latin Grammy Award for Album of the Year and recorded in Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, El Mal Querer began the climb of Rosalía into the global music scene.